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FoH / Monitor / Dual Mode

In FoH Mode, the 4 groups with inserts, 100mm faders and XLR outputs can be routed and panned to the LR mix for flexible sub-mixing. The main LR mix has inserts, separate left and right faders, and XLR outputs to feed the main speaker system. EQ and signal processing can easily be inserted on group and main outputs.

In Monitor Mode, the aux mixes are routed to the group and LR faders, inserts and XLR outputs. The AFL and PFL system is switched to the Mono output to provide an engineer's 'wedge' output. In essence, it's a perfect 6-mix monitor console with additional outputs available from the group busses via the aux master controls.

In Dual Mode some auxes can be used as monitor mixes and some sub-grouping can be used along with the main LR outputs, allowing the engineer to run FoH sound and some Monitor mixes from the same console.

*    19" Rack mountable
*    10 mic/line inputs with balanced XLR/TRS jack, insert and direct output
*    100mm faders
*    Reverse switches swap the function of the group and aux masters in Monitor or Dual Mode applications
*    6 Aux sends - switchable pre/post fade
*    4 Audio groups
*    2 Dual Stereo inputs with separate gain and 'ON' switches allowing inputs to be selected independently or mixed together
*    4 band EQ with 2 swept mids
*    6x2 Matrix for providing feeds for in ear monitors, delay speakers, video, broadcast and more
*    Oscillator and Pink Noise generator for line-up and speaker testing
*    Tri-colour, 12 segment bargraph metering
*    +48V Phantom Power
*    Signal and Peak LEDs
*    Talkback Mic XLR with trim
*    Lamp socket
*    USB multitrack recording option



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